Organic Camping Soap- Bug Repellant/Shampoo Bar


Ever wished you could just pack one body/hair care item with you when you go camping?

Well, we've created it for you.

This all-purpose camping soap has a multitude of uses. It is a body bar, shampoo bar, exfoliator and bug repellant—all in one.

Made with a base of organic butters and oils to moisturize and fortified with bug repellent essential oils that repel mosquitoes, black flies, ticks, fleas and all those other pesty buggers.

We also added organic poppy seeds for a gentle exfoliation to get off the grime of the day.

This soap comes in many options. You can choose from a full size (4oz) bar or a half bar. This bar can be cut into day-use pieces that will last one head-to-toe shower for 1–2 people. This is a great option if you are doing an overnight trip or hiking from place to place. Please specify your desire in the drop-down options.

Ingredients: Sustainable Palm Oil*, Coconut Oil*, Olive Oil*, Shea Nut Oil*, Safflower Oil*, Camelina Oil*, Citronella Oil*, Lavender Oil*, Orange Oil*, Poppy Seeds*

*Indicates certified organic

Key features: Edible (don't eat it though), Organic, Completely cruelty-free, No sulfates, phthalates or parabens, No synthetic dyes or fragrances, Completely all natural and safe, Zero waste company packaging upcycled when possible.